few words, fewer ideas.

Socialism has never worked. Complex top-down planning has very little to offer. People critiquing capitalism all too often mistake crony capitalism for capitalism and propose more government as the solution, despite it being a massive part of the problem.

BTW, Amazon is successful because it is able to provide an in-demand service to a large number of people. The article you link to is a rather low-resolution tirade against ‘capitalism’ in support of ‘socialism.’ Socialism does not work. Socialism leads to situations like that of Venezuela and its far worse cousin communism led to 100 million deaths in the 20th century. Marx is a thinker whose relevance declined as the nineteenth century passed. His elaborate critiques are the opiate of the intellectual.

The problem with society is NOT inequality or relative poverty. The problem is absolute poverty. Over the past 200 years, it was capitalism which has led to the dramatic reduction in absolute poverty rates. All free societies will have inequalities because all free societies tend to organize hierarchies of competence (with a strong basis in intelligence and conscientiousness).

Finally, the ideas which I present in my article are not so much centrist as anti-authoritarian. There are problems related to political polarization in this country, especially with regard to the left, and centrism has far greater appeal than radical identitarian positions on the far left or far right (though the former is significantly larger and more influential than the latter).

I would end by saying that if you and other socialists want to create a socialist society, no one is stopping you from getting a piece of land and creating your own socialist project

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Artist | Content Creator | Pantheist | Bohemian | Philosopher | Juggler | Anti-Authoritarian, Pro-Decentralization/Localism| http://www.instagram.com/kevinshau/

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