What is art? This is a question that has been pondered since the days before Plato. The definition of art, and various understandings have come to light in the past couple centuries alone. Unfortunately, many approaches to aesthetics in general center on Western aesthetics. Yes, the arts associated with Western history and culture have their appeal, and their place, as do various other approaches of other cultures. When seeking the best approach to the arts and art appreciation, I have always been drawn to the Japanese aesthetic notion of wabi-sabi. We don’t have a real equivalent in the United States, though the underlying elements can be utilized for an appreciation of the imperfect, impermanent, and patina of aging associated with the Buddhist-inspired aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi.

Artisan | Wordsmith | Bohemian | Independent Green | Anti-Authoritarian, Pro-Decentralization/Localism|. http://www.instagram.com/kevinshau/

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