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The Poor Poet (1839) by Carl Spitzweg

What to write about? Writer’s block is not a real phenomenon, merely the result of not writing enough. Lack of writing causes such pseudo-maladies. If this is the cause, the solution is crystal clear: write, write, and write some more. Write for the sake of getting ideas down on paper. Grapple with complex ideas on the page. Let your mind vomit ideas onto the page. By expressing inchoate ideas from the mind on the page you are able to gain greater clarity. With greater clarity you can explore with greater ease. Don’t freeze in fear of writing a commonplace thing. Write ’til your heart’s content. Develop the habit of writing everyday and you will thereby align craft and creativity.

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Artist | Content Creator | Pantheist | Bohemian | Philosopher | Juggler | Anti-Authoritarian, Pro-Decentralization/Localism|

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