So, you’re dismissing my points with no real evidence? Lewis’s report is based in bad faith arguments. She has grouped together a wide variety of political platforms and concluded that classical liberal, libertarian, and conservative channels contribute to the promotion of far-right ideologies. This report has conspiracy written all over it.

“This report has shown how a particular network of political influencers perpetuates far-right ideology on YouTube and other social media platforms.” — Rebecca Lewis

This report merely groups together people based on very lose associations (though the far-left is noticeably left out). Many individuals present in Lewis’s report have repeatedly condemned that alt-right.

You mention several far-right operatives. I am aware that opposition to this report comes from a variety of people not on the far-left. This necessarily includes people on the far-right but they are a tiny minority. Classical liberal, left-libertarian, right-libertarian, and conservative voices have all spoken against this report. I should also mention that it is voices on the far-left as well as the far-right who call for increasing limits on freedom of speech. Authoritarian leanings are the bigger problem here.

I have read all 61 pages of this report and find it is of no real value. Though I still maintain that this hit-piece report is designed to discredit non-traditional news sources (particularly if they are not left wing), the overall argument seems to be ‘people who Lewis doesn’t like are constitute a network of influencers perpetuating far-right ideology.’

You present nothing in your attempt to refute me. People (many of whom I can assume are on the left) have repeatedly told me I missed the point of the study without really offering a counter argument. You merely mention the far-right and suggest I try harder. Well, I suggest you read the report closely and consider the implications of the arguments being presented. You should also consider how the report is being glowingly promoted in such sources as The Guardian.

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