Thank you for your response. I do have to take issue with your claim, however. Jordan Peterson is one of the most important public intellectuals. I would not call his work ‘propaganda.’ His psychological work is based in a deep understanding of the relevant literature. His politics are of a classical liberal leaning. He regularly engages with opposing viewpoints in a respectful manner. If you wish to see a modern-day propagandist, look to Cathy Newman in her interview with Peterson. I’m not saying that Peterson is without flaws. Nor am I in agreement with everything he says. His views, though, are of a higher resolution than those of many public intellectuals today and his Maps of Meaning is perhaps the most carefully-written text by a living writer.

I am glad to hear you like the intellectual collaboration approach. Much can be gained through creative, open, and entrepreneurial minds coming together to discuss timeless questions as well as pressing matters of the present.

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