While I entertain the possibility that the number of jobs overall could decrease with increased automation, I find the idea quite unconvincing. Ever since the beginnings of industrialism in eighteenth century Britain, the increasing complexity (of national economies) has led to an increase in jobs. There have been a few bumps in the road, but long-term there has been tremendous growth. Eric Weinstein has also voiced concern with the current state of capitalism. I would argue that capitalism and crony capitalism are all too often conflated. I would also argue that self-employment and and the changing dynamics account for some of the statistics you bring up. In 2012, President Obama critiqued Mitt Romney’s complaints about military spending, noting that we spend far less money nowadays on ‘horses and bayonets’ — the nature of warfare has changed. So to has the nature of the current economy. Andrew Yang understands this, which is why he is not interested in merely trying to preserve fast food service jobs.

The economy is improving. The employment rate has been steadily rising since 2014. UBI seems necessary at this time, in part because so many will have to shift their occupations. I would argue that reducing government bloat associated with government aid programs by eliminating them and replacing them with Yang’s freedom dividend would aid a greater number of people in a more efficient way. I would end by saying that the future of employment is almost certainly one of self-employment and utilization of major platforms (like Amazon, one huge online bazaar) and social media (to aid in building business platforms).

Those calling for a minimum wage for fast food jobs or retail jobs are increasingly becoming like the Luddites of the Industrial Age — resistors of inevitable change. Better to develop intelligent responses to such change than simply fight a doomed battle.

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