Yes, the left is going too far in an authoritarian direction. I am hopeful that genuine dialogues will increase between independent journalists of various political leanings. The authoritarian left has increasingly gone after left-libertarians (such as Tim Pool and Bret Weinstein), classical liberals (such as Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson), and moderate conservatives (such as Ben Shapiro). They have gone after real feminists (such as Camille Paglia, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali), preferring the nonsensical ideologies of peope like Judith Butler.

Sadly, news outlets such as ‘The Guardian’ are already citing Lewis’s report (though this is not altogether surprising).

Great to hear from someone who appreciates true intellectual discourse.

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Artist | Content Creator | Pantheist | Bohemian | Philosopher | Juggler | Anti-Authoritarian, Pro-Decentralization/Localism|

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